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    heat press

    Portable Heat Press Laser Alignment – Stahls' Hotronix Stahls' Hotronix (circle 120 on Free Info Card) has introduced the industry's first Portable Heat Press Laser Alignment System that can be used with any heat-press brand. It allows the user to position and align graphics precisely prior to heat printing for accurate placement. The four flexible laser lights can be adjusted independently to set placement for left chest, name and number, script and other design layouts. The press is compatible with all Hotronix and MAXX brand heat presses as well as competitors' models. Additionally, the Laser Alignment Wizard is preprinted with five popular layouts and rulers for custom layouts.


    Presses and Equipment

    MHM S-Type Xtreme Automatic Press – Hirsch International The new MHM S-Type Xtreme, offered by Hirsch International (circle 116 on Free Info Card) is a high-speed, high-volume automatic printing press with an innovative new AC electric indexing system combined with high-powered AC electric print heads. It also includes the MHM pinlock preregistration screen system for fast loading of new screens, as well as individual off-contact front and rear adjustments.


    Forced Air Screen Drying Cabinet – Vastex International
The all-new compact Dri-Cab Forced Air Screen Drying Cabinet from Vastex International (circle 117 on Free Info Card) dries coated screens five times faster than passively ventilated drying cabinets. It can hold up to ten 23" x 31" (60 cm x 80 cm) screens, and features a positive-pressure ventilation system with air filter to prevent dust contamination. The pressurized cabin dries most coated screens in less than an hour.


    Stock Art and Lettering

    versized Drop-Shoulder Prints – Dalco Athletic Dalco Athletic (circle 122 on Free Info Card) now offers Oversized Prints for bold lettering on any drop-shoulder sweatshirt. It's available in PermaCad heat-seal vinyl with Mylar backing, as well as Dal-Glitter/Metallic, Thermo Image and dye sub.


    Automotive Stock Transfers – The Wild Side
The Wild Side (circle 123 on Free Info Card) now offers a range of Automotive Stock Transfers, including hot rods, muscle cars, vintage vehicles and more. They can be applied with heat to any color of shirt made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester and 50/50 blends.


    Antibacterial spray meets FDA requirements. Great for nursing homes. From Prime Line, asi/79530, 203-331-9100.


    Screen-Printing Accessories

    Pallet Adhesive – Graphic Solutions Group Graphic Solutions Group (circle 118 on Free Info Card) offers the Top Bond Pallet Adhesive that is water-based and can be used to secure garments on pallets or belts for screen printing. It can also be used as a general adhesive to bond various materials. It's available in different sized containers.


    OEM Rubber Blankets – Graphic Parts International
Graphic Parts International (circle 119 on Free Info Card) offers rubber blankets which provide the critical seal required by screen printers for the proper frame exposure. They have two types of rubber: "live" rubber or cloth-lined foam. They are flexible and have a "memory" that helps the blanket retain its original size and shape after use.


Screen-Printing Frames – A.W.T. World Trade Inc. A.W.T. World Trade Inc. (circle 137 on Free Info Card) offers screen printers a broad line of aluminum or wood frames. All aluminum frames are completely sealed to prevent leaks and anodized surfaces for maximum strength and durability. It can be used with any type of ink.