Brave the Winter in Style with Women’s Jackets

Women’s Jackets

There are an impressive and imaginative variety of winter coats and jackets for women, from Chloé’s romantic draping, cape-like coats to wild plush numbers by Paul & Joe and Versace and even crocodile leather jackets courtesy of Moncler Gamme Rouge. From light to heavyweight, jackets are appropriate virtually any time of year.

Ben Menendez of Harvest Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd. (asi/61670) cites hooded coats and jackets as a key trend. "They’re one of the season’s hottest," he says. "Hoods provides the wearer with cozy warmth, and it’s a style that looks terrific at work as well as an evening on the town." In addition to hooded styles, Menendez makes note of two additional women’s outerwear trends: "Semi-fitted coat and jacket styles are very much in vogue, as are 3/4-length cuts."

While black is a can’t-fail choice and brights will always add visual pop, earth tones and neutrals are starting to gain traction. "These colors," says Elson Yeung, product line manager and designer for Ash City USA (asi/37127), "usually draw from a color palette of browns, tans, warm grays and greens and offset bold or vibrant hues to give harmony to the overall look of a jacket or fleece garment."


Aqua polyurethane raincoat (5099) from Charles River Apparel (asi/44620; circle 87 on Free Info Card).


Juniors’ double-breasted pea coat (PRM350PC) from Americana Sportswear (asi/35722; circle 85 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Stitch Designers (asi/741145; circle 82 on Free        Info Card).


Wool-blend 3/4-length trench coat (MAW089) from Harvest Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd. (asi/61670; circle 86 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Stitch Designers (asi/741145; circle 82 on Free Info Card).


Ping wind- and water-resistant jacket (14F2006) from Logosport (asi/67865; circle 88 on Free Info Card).