A Woven for Any Occasion

"The women's style features shaped seams and a tapered waist for a flattering fit."

When and where is the woven shirt worn? Just about anywhere, par A Woven for Any Occasion

ticularly if the target audience has executive-level employees or frontline service professionals. Salespeople in a showroom, whether they’re selling a piece of furniture or an automotive brand, all qualify. Looking sharp matters.

Consider your client list. Is there a managerial level at your clients’ places of business? Is the company big enough to have a corporate headquarters? Does the client require a garment that represents a professional and trusted brand? From pharmaceutical companies to retailers, there’s an opportunity for a program with woven shirts.

Trades shows are another example. Staff must look approachable and knowledgeable. Choosing a woven button-down oxford, for example, combines an appearance of casual friendliness with the eagerness of someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and be helpful.

You should always think about the make-up of the audience. Is your client’s industry more likely to have male or female staff? Most companies will have a combination, which is why companion styles are so useful. Many suppliers now offer companion styles with slight differences in cut and features. At Trimark Sportswear Group, its Quinlan style has a men’s (17645) and women’s (97645) version. “The women’s style features shaped seams and a tapered waist for a flattering fit,” says Nadia Vetere, digital marketing coordinator.

The new Devon & Jones Crown Woven Collection also offers feminine shaping and women-specific details. “While the Men’s Classic Fit has button-down collars and the Men’s Active Fit has straight collar with collar stays,”says Andrea L. Routzahn, vice president of portfolio & supplier management at alphabroder (asi/34063), “the Women’s Crown Wovens have straight collars for all colors and patterns. The women’s styles are also designed to be worn out or tucked in, depending upon the wearer’s preference.” Routzahn describes the collection as being ideally suited for corporate apparel, including uniform programs. “These styles can equally be suitable for the hospitality industry, sales and retail, as well as for trade shows.”


Men’s and women’s styles look smart yet appropriate, thanks to gender-specific details like shaped sides for women and button-down collars for men, as shown in the new Devon & Jones Crown Woven Collection from alphabroder (asi/34063; circle 113 on Free Info Card).


Companion garments like the men’s (17645, left) and women’s (97645, right) Quinlan woven shirts are a great way to outfit a diverse sales force or employee base. Available from Trimark Sportswear Group (asi/92122; circle 114 on Free Info Card).