Tech Tidbits: Disney Makes 'Magic' with Wearables

The Walt Disney Company announced it is expanding its automated MyMagic+ program, currently used at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, to its other theme parks and businesses. Wearable technology wristbands, called MagicBands, allow guests to enter the park, purchase items, open doors, book rides and more.

Currently, more than 11 million MagicBands have been worn. Half of the visitors to Disney World wore the bands in the second quarter, the company revealed in a company earnings call. “The folks who are saying the MyMagic+ experience is excellent is the vast, vast majority of folks who are using it, and that, we know, is good for our business,” said Disney COO Tom Staggs as reported by Reuters. Staggs added that the integration of MagicBands at other Disney spots was possible, and that the company was considering adding the ability to interface with other wearable technology devices.

MagicBands use RF technology similar to what’s used in credit cards, passports and more. Other elements of the MyMagic+ program include the My Disney Experience mobile app and FastPass+ services that allow visitors to schedule attractions in advance.