Fanwear Worth Cheering

For the deeply committed sports fan, merely attending team events is not enough. They must instead brandish the logo of their chosen club wherever they can, so no doubt remains as to whom their dedication belongs. Thankfully, teams who inspire this brand of madness have plenty of options. Whether your client is amateur, collegiate, semi-pro or big league, simply marrying a team logo to a quality garment or accessory places that item – and its seller – into an exalted realm of profound achievement, endurance and community. Wear it or wave it, fanwear is designed to be seen by friend and foe alike, and puts everyone on the same winning team. – Chuck Zak

Unisex 3/4-sleeve raglan shirt (BB453) from American Apparel (asi/35297; circle 104 on Free Info Card). Heat pressed by Heritage Screen Printing, Inc. (asi/700490; circle 106 on Free Info Card).

Fleece pants (13399) with embroidery from Trimark Sportswear Group (asi/92122; circle 92 on Free Info Card).

Cooling towel (2090-21) with decoration from Leed’s (asi/66887; circle 112 on Free Info Card).

Fleece-lined jacket (TT72) from alphabroder (asi/34063; circle 87 on Free Info Card). Heat pressed by Heritage Screen Printing, Inc. (asi/700490; circle 106 on Free Info Card).

Symmetry knitted stadium scarf from KTP Design Company (asi/63773; circle 105 on Free Info Card).

Water-repellent stadium cushion (LN45) with heat transfer from FIEL (asi/53509; circle 114 on Free Info Card).

Juniors V-neck tee (DT264) from SanMar (asi/84863; circle 84 on Free Info Card). Dye-sublimated sequins by Shockwaves Promotional Apparel (asi/738600; circle 108 on Free Info Card).

Knit hoodie (TM98732) with no-hand inFusion decoration from Trimark Powered by Leed’s (asi/66888; circle 86 on Free Info Card).

USA-made unstructured cap (3001) with embroidery from Cap America (asi/43792; circle 111 on Free Info Card).

Waterproof travel pouch (SM-7909) from Bullet Line (asi/42424; circle 113 on Free Info Card).

Canvas playoff bag (229418) with heat transfer from Holloway (asi/61430; circle 96 on Free Info Card).

Tri-blend fleece raglan crew (25059) from Royal Apparel (asi/83731; circle 109 on Free Info Card). Screen printed by Rowboat Creative (asi/313715; circle 110 on Free Info Card).

Decoration Tip

Soccer scarves are a growing fan fave, which KTP Design Company (asi/63773) makes by knitting the design directly into the item. Because of limitations in the knitting process, “design elements should be relative simple without lots of text,” says company president Patrick Walsh. Even still, the results are worth cheering.