About the Cover: Print Education

As students everywhere make their way back to college campuses for the fall, we chose a cover item that would feel right at home on the quad: the Hailey three-quarter sleeve henley (W1454) from MV Sport/Weatherproof (asi/68318; circle 115 on Free Info Card). The design was screen printed by T Productions (circle 116 on Free Info Card).

Fashion Friendly
MV Sport’s henley is full of fashion details, like a cotton/poly heathered jersey fabric blend and a V-neck top with white flatlock top stitching. And while schools are a great choice, the top works for multiple markets, including specialty retail, resort and corporate. “The ¾-length sleeves with distress printed white bicep stripes make this a fashion forward piece, trendy and popular among all age categories,” says Charlie McGuinness, national sales manager for MV Sport.

Bright Not Right
Distressed screen-printing gives this garment a perfect retro vibe. T Productions kept it simple-but-effective with a low-bleed white plastisol from Rutland Plastic Technologies, printed with one pass on a manual press. “We did not want it to be super bright, so there was no second pass or flash/hit,” says Tony Kozlowski, owner of T Productions.

Cause for Distress
Distressed overlays add a dramatic effect to the design, so printers can’t afford to get too cutesy with font and word choices. “It’s important to make sure any important text or elements are bold enough to come through even with the filters or overlays applied,” says Scott Boehner, graphic designer for T Productions.

Decoration Tip

Subtle distressed details can be lost when the design goes to print, so make sure you have applied the right amount of distressed filters. “Too little and the print will just look like the result of a poorly-prepared screen,” Boehner says. “Too much and the actual design itself will suffer from loss of detail or readability.”