Three Cheers for Spirit Wear

Crank up the fun factor if your clients need spirit wear this year. Beyond the cheer uniforms and dance team gear, there’s a whole realm of booster-ready promotional solutions for rallying the troops.

An article on the PTO Today website called “Spirit Wear: Keep It Simple” shares tips for a successful program. First, be selective. Limit the choices offered, which helps to keep volume pricing in reach. Second, have specific events or programs for which the spirit wear is designed. For example, target a graduating class for memorabilia-type products. It’s easier than you might think to create personalized T-shirts and hoodies.

A new video from Transfer Express (asi/91804) walks you through the simple steps of creating and ordering a signature template using the updated Easy View online designer. The brief video shows how with a few clicks you can design a template for a transfer that incorporates the signatures of every class or team member for a custom offering that’s sure to appeal to schools and other organizations.

Also, create a package. A head-to-toe combo in school colors and mascot imprint becomes an easy sell. A unisex trio of hoodie, flip-flops and headwear from Footprints USA (asi/55030) allow you to avoid dealing with men’s vs. women’s styles. The package includes a Hanes hooded sweatshirt (ASH312); an upgraded Laguna Flip-Flop with all-fabric straps (L105F); and your choice of matching headwear, either a visor (W575) or low-profile cap (W580).

Other types of fun spirit wear include: team pride flannel pants and tanks, cheer socks, anklets, leg warmers and even hair bows.