Equipment Corner

Presses and Pallets

TEX Web PALLET Adhesive – GSG


GSG (circle 100 Free Info Card) carries the TEX Web pallet adhesive that sprays easily and evenly on pallets and holds heavier fabrics. During screen printing it will not shift the fabric. It also bonds to all different kinds of fabrics.

Quick-Release Pallet – Workhorse Products


Workhorse Products (circle 101 on Free Info Card) offers the new Mach manual quick release pallet, which is available with any new press or can even be retrofitted to an older press. It has standard levers that release with a quick flip and is easy to install. It is now faster at replacing the four pallet sizes that are available for Mach presses.

Oval Automatic Screen-Printing Press – Hirsch International


The new MHM iQ-Oval screen printing press from Hirsch International (asi/14982; circle 102 on Free Info Card) has a new innovation, the iDS Intelligent Drive System, which features a small drive motor on each pallet arm that allows independent operation of each arm. There is also smooth motion in both directions and single, double or triple indexing. The M-Touch Pro tablet/pad main command unit control has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, and every station has a digital control keypad for primary printing functions.


CAD-PRINTZ Full Color Sublimation Transfers – Stahls’ ID Direct


The CAD-PRINTZ Full-Color Sublimation Transfers from Stahls’ ID Direct (asi/88984; circle 103 on Free Info Card) is the company’s first line of heat applied, custom sublimation transfers. It is designed to offer the look and feel of a dye-sublimated design. Upload the artwork to the Stahls’ website and receive the transfers. CAD-PRINTZ Sublimation Transfers may be applied to a variety of sublimated polyester-based hard goods.

Custom Rhinestone Designs – Transfer Express


The Transfer Express (asi/91804; circle 79 on Free Info Card) custom rhinestone design is made from high-quality Korean crystals and vibrant colored metal stones. There are 18 colors to choose from, and the design staff will determine what combination of stone sizes will create the best look.

Lasers and Plates

Upgraded Laser Bridge – BITO


The upgraded Proel Laser Bridge from BITO (circle 104 on Free Info Card) is an embroidery laser that goes across embroidery machines and other work stations. It has gone through a complete transformation that features the latest PLC logic controller technology for improved stability, faster processing time, and faster cutting. It can be integrated with any model of embroidery machine and personalizes your design in many ways.

CrystaLAZE Plate – Inkcups Now


Inkcups Now (circle 105 on Free Info Card) has released the patent pending CrystaLAZE plate material, which is specifically formulated to be etched by CO2 lasers. It features finer etch detail, harder plate material and longer life, it is environmentally inert and you can etch with lasers as low as 20Watts.


Educational Series – Great Dane Graphics and Graphic Elephants Inc.


Great Dane Graphics (circle 116 on Free Info Card) and Graphic Elephants Inc. (circle 115 on Free Info Card) has released Operation Screen Print. This educational series provides comprehensive training in screen printing’s most challenging applications. It teaches everything from creating the proper artwork to preparing screen and printing. It includes a training book along with two DVDs.