Do Your Swimwear Sales Hold Water?

Choosing the right swimwear requires you to consider many issues. It’s important to understand the brand being promoted, first and foremost, as well as what it represents and to whom. A squad of lifeguards, for example, needs well-fitting performance suits in a bright color. Rather than a brief for men, go with a board short of a reasonable length. For women, skip the bikini and choose a one-piece with good coverage. Why? The swimsuit needs to be serious, not sexy.

There is, however, plenty of opportunity to go skimpy. Spring break promotions, ocean-side bars and trendy tourist boutiques along a popular beach where university students frequent are a good fit. In addition to the brand, you must also consider the target age of the audience. Clearly, younger men and women are more likely to wear something that shows a bit more skin than adults in their fifties.

Decorating swimwear has many options. Go subtle with single placement logos or go bold with an all-over design. “Swim shorts can be decorated on the lower hem, down the side or along the waistband, which gives customers a nice variety of decoration options,” says Ashley Nielsen, marketing manager of Eva Sportswear (asi/52834). Its Burnside brand swim trunks have a youthful, surfer vibe for a relaxed lifestyle.

The desired imprint is also a factor. Because most suits are polyester, a full garment imprint is an option for many styles. This allows brands to replicate a product design onto the suit or splash the whole garment with a photographic outdoor scene. Yvette Corona, wholesale marketing representative for American Apparel (asi/35297), recommends the all-over approach, even for a tiny two-piece. “The Sublimation Bikini is great for promoting and personalizing swim team organizations, retail branded apparel, summer events, spas, hotels and gift shops,” she says.

Bishop, The Garment Co. (asi/40585) will custom-make board shorts and bikinis for as few as 48 units. Whether the swimwear is intended for a few lifeguards or for sale at a resort gift shop, the choice is affordable. “Promotions during the warmer months of the year are a great time to incorporate swimwear. From barbecues to music festivals, swimwear can be used to promote almost any type of brand,” says Monika Rene, customer service for Bishop. “Board shorts for men are always a hit, and bikinis can be worn with shorts or skirts when out of the water. Another way to use swimwear to promote a brand is by having them worn by promotional models at a car show, night club/bar event or pool party.”