Hot Products Showcase: Beachwear

If you want to reach people during the sweltering months of summer, find where water and sand meet. For an environment that encourages near-nakedness, the beach offers a lot of options for getting clients’ logoed apparel on display. From caps and glasses to trunks and sandals, beachwear offers imprint possibilities literally from head to toe. Get your client’s message out of the drab indoors and into the sun. – Chuck Zak

  1. Polyester tote bag (TO8713) with vinyl base and handles from Debco (asi/48885; circle 121 on Free Info Card).
  3. Stretchy UV-protective rash guard (191008) from Gulbenkian Swim (asi/58650; circle 122 on Free Info Card).
  5. Tea-stained straw hat (8180) from Mega Cap (asi/70434; circle 123 on Free Info Card).
  7. Ladies two-piece bikini (2079) with stretch fabric from Bishop The Garment Co. (asi/40585; circle 79 on Free Info Card).
  9. Men’s fast-drying microfiber cargo board shorts (MB-300R) from Wet Effect (asi/98103; circle 124 on Free Info Card).
  11. Wet bathing suit bag (WBB-063) with water-repellent treated canvas from Ame & Lulu (asi/35232; circle 125 on Free Info Card).
  13. Mirrored retro sunglasses (AWAMRL-00000-1) from Eyevertising (asi/70434; circle 126 on Free Info Card).
  15. Camo string bikini (606521) from Weber’s Camo Leather/Wilderness Dreams (asi/73777; circle 127 on Free Info Card).
  17. Animal print velour beach towel (3060A) from S&S Activewear (asi/84358; circle 128 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Stitch Designers (asi/741145; circle 129 on Free Info Card).
  19. Sandals (RITZ) with optional “Logo Sole” that leaves an imprint in the sand from Neet Feet (asi/73525; circle 130 on Free Info Card).
  21. Men’s color-block square cut brief (M036140) from Sportailor (asi/88796; circle 131 on Free Info Card).

Three Selling Tips

1. Size right. Clients often assume rash guards are comparable to T-shirts in sizing, but Ed Gulbenkian, CEO of veteran swimwear supplier Gulbenkian Swim (asi/58650) knows differently. “You want to stress to the dealers that they should get samples for fitting,” he says, “because if not, there will be more mistakes than they know what to do with.” Don’t judge fit by the rash guards on sale in many beach stores, says Gulbenkian – those aren’t the real deal that have kept surfers safe from coral since the ’60s. “Get one in each size,” he tells his clients, “bring it to your customer and physically fit it out before they are printed.”

2. Get with the program. Though the beach might be a vacation destination for most, it’s also a busy place full of working folks, many of whom benefit from coordinated beachwear for a professional appearance. Roberta Lemon, owner and president of Wet Effect (asi/98103), recommends including board shorts and rash guards in uniform programs for clients in the yachting industry, resorts, summer camps, lifeguards and swimming-and-surfing schools. “Staff that work on the beach or by the pool,” Lemon says, “want a comfortable, fast-drying uniform that provides all day UPF 50+ sun protection.”

3. Find your blue period. Bright colors play well on the beach, but classic colors always have an audience. “Navy is our biggest seller in board shorts,” says Lemon, with the khaki, gray and red of sand, clouds and setting sun trailing behind. Brandon Kennedy, owner of Proforma Progressive Marketing (asi/490211), has had success outfitting one particular client in blue board shorts for the past four years. “It is more like a team building getaway,” he explains, “but they have ordered a basic blue board short and really like them.”