Safety Bright Is Right for Fall

With September, daylight lessens, and joggers, outdoor workers and others are engaged in activities at dusk. Offering fluorescent apparel paired with high-visibility decoration is a smart win-win.

When Drew Coufal, owner of Kent, OH-based Sew & Sew Embroidery, was tasked with creating something special for his client, Swenson’s Drive Ins, the goal was for fun, not just function. “They needed a set of high-visibility runner jackets for a special event, and wanted to add their corporate logo in reflective material, [so] we used 3M for best quality,” Coufal says. “They wanted the logo in two locations for greater visibility and brand promotion, so we decorated the jackets on the back yoke and right-sleeve areas.”

The logo had to be at scale for its imprint locations, which required a slight alteration to the layout, enlarging smaller text so the 3M material could be properly cut. “Overall, it looks true to the client’s standard logo,” Coufal says. Because the client had chosen a thin and lightweight runner’s jacket that doesn’t stand up well to heat, Coufal had to adjust his heat press to a lower setting with slightly longer press times to avoid scorching the material. “It’s a careful balance between too much heat and time pressed vs. too little and improper cure times,” Coufal explains. It’s also important, he says, to place the logo transfer carefully and ensure the garment has no wrinkles before pressing.