Increase Curing Efficiency

Adelco incorporates the latest technology in its new Duplex textile dryer. Offered by Hirsch International, this curing system is a double-decker oven designed for high-production digital tex-tile printers that need a long cure time on minimal floor space. Screen printers also can benefit from the Duplex dryer concept to reduce the footprint of conventional dryers.

This machine provides 20 feet of oven-curing capacity in the same footprint as a 10-foot oven. The Duplex is very efficient with low-energy consumption due to its single gas burner and seven electrical connections. Due to the reduced energy consumption, the Duplex drastically cuts running costs, the company says.

Quick Tips:

Stahls’ (asi/88984); circle 84 on Free Info Card.

Tip: Make number selection easy. Use Pre-Cut Number Style Display Books from Stahls’ (asi/88984). Offered in baseball, softball and soccer editions, the soft flipbooks contain samples of the top 10 precut styles for each sport. Every jersey fabric page features a 6” Thermo-FILM precut sample number with the font name and displays the numbers 0 through 9 for that style. The front header is suitable for customizing with a company name or logo.

Dalco Athletic; circle 85 on Free Info Card.

Tip: Expand your sublimation transfer applications. Try DalSub fabric sheets. Simply print on transfer paper using dye-sublimation ink, then tape the print face-down on the adhesive-backed DalSub fabric sheet. Heat press according to the ink manufacturer’s instructions.

Hotronix; circle 86 on Free Info Card.

Tip: Increase your workspace. The Heat Printing Equipment Cart from Hotronix is designed for decorators in need of additional counter space or a way to transport equipment around the shop or off-site. Although the cart was designed to hold the Dual Air Fusion, it is also fits other heat presses, laser printers, direct-to-garment printers, laminators, small vinyl cutters or heat printing accessories. Use it to double as an extra layout table.