Five Steps: Create a Wash Transfer For Caps

Target Decorated Apparel (asi/90549) shows how to create a multimedia, laser-etched T-shirt.

“As an embroidery substitute on headwear, World Emblem International (asi/98264) shows how to use a wash transfer.”

Step 1. Select the type of transfer best suited for your client’s needs. In this case World Emblem (asi/98264) used a standard domestic wash transfer called Trimax.

Step 2. Choose logo placement. The front of the cap was chosen simply because it’s the most common placement and large enough for the desired design.

Step 3. Prepare the heat press for application. Set the temperature to 356 to 375 degrees for both the top and bottom platens, depending on how thick the cap material is.

Tip: Most of these types of heat-seal machines have a grip below the bottom platen in which you can hook the opposite end of your cap. In this case, World Emblem pulled the back of the cap over this grip to keep the cap firmly in place during the application process.

Step 4. Fit the front face of the cap on the bottom platen. Make sure the bill of the hat is pulled firmly over the edge of the platen so it doesn’t get in the way of the actual application. Fit the transfer with the design face-down on the front face of the cap and the release paper facing the top platen.

Step 5. Set the pressure between 40 lbs. to 60 lbs., depending on the thickness of the cap material. Close the top platen over the bottom and apply pressure over the cap for 10 to 15 seconds. Once pressure is removed, let the design cool and carefully peel the release paper from over the top of the design.

World Emblem International (asi/98264); circle 76 on Free Info Card or call (800) 766-0448.

Tip: Smaller designs are good for placing in other more constricted areas around the cap (i.e. the back of the cap). World Emblem offers six standard placements.