Fair Winds for Nautical-Themed Apparel Line

Mudhook Clothing offers simple, nautical-themed apparel.

Kyle Sayler recently made the leap from the garage to a storefront, opening Sayler Screenprinting in Kearney, NE, this May, and the 26-year-old decorator couldn’t be happier. “So far, it’s been like a dream come true,” Sayler says.

The vast majority of Sayler’s business is custom work, servicing a range of clients from medical centers to sports teams. “I’ve been doing a ton of tractor pull shirts,” he adds. One of the shop’s biggest jobs so far has been for an Omaha church’s annual “Cruise Night” event, with Sayler Screenprinting churning out close to 1,500 shirts on two manual presses for the client. “We’re working on those right now,” Sayler says. “It’s keeping us busy.”

Sayler is also trying his hand at the retail side of the business, launching a small line of nautical-themed apparel, Mudhook Clothing. Sayler, who holds a graphic design degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, believes the key to great apparel artwork is simplicity. It’s a design aesthetic he’s carried into his clothing line. Mudhook’s fashion tees are “trendy and basic,” and many feature nothing more than a simple, bold anchor design. “An anchor almost speaks for itself,” Sayler says. Other shirts display a touch of humor, like the one bearing the slogan: “Talk nautical to me.” The idea was to create clothing that is easily layered up and reflects the lifestyle of local residents. So far, Sayler’s strategy is working. Mudhook Clothing has been a big hit, and Sayler plans to expand the line in the near future.