Web Portal Enables Remote Control

Screen printers and production managers can now track press production and jobs on Workhorse Products’ Sabre automatic press in real time from any Internet browser thanks to the new Web portal feature available as part of the Sabre control panel tablet.

The Web portal, which is linked to the press tablet, displays jobs that are in the queue, in production, paused and finished. For each viewable job, all the specifications are available including artwork, number of colors, print and flood strokes, ink type, indexing, flashing and total finished prints. Any specification can be changed in the portal.

A manager can set up jobs, monitor progress, troubleshoot problems and check maintenance status. The Web portal keeps track of an unlimited number of Sabre presses and jobs. Anyone with authorized access can view the portal and use all of its functions. This service comes with the purchase of any Sabre automatic press. For more information, visit