Product Pick

Great Dane Graphics and Graphic Elephants Inc. have launched Operation Screen Print, an educational series geared to provide comprehensive beyond-the-basics training in screen printing’s most challenging applications. The first mission is “Killer Black Shirts.”

From creating the proper artwork to separating and printing positives to preparing screens and printing, you’ll be equipped with the know-how to successfully meet this specialized objective. Award-winning artists and screen printers Dane Clement and Lon Winters have pooled their more than 60 years of experience to put together a complete arsenal of tools for a thorough, multifaceted training experience in a single package.

In addition to an illustrated, full-color, spiral-bound training book with step-by-step instructions and how-to information, the kit includes two DVDs with five hours of video tutorials covering every aspect of the process. It also contains five film separations of the tiger image and a printed sample to compare it to so you can practice what you’ve learned. Visit for more information.