Maximize Productivity With Air Fusion

Incorporating the latest technology, Hotronix offers the Air Fusion, an auto-open, auto-swing-away heat press. Powered by an air compressor, this push-button heat press has innovative features designed to increase production while decreasing operator fatigue.

With the patented Auto Adjust Pressure, up to four pressure and time settings can be programmed, allowing the user to select the appropriate application based on the garment. This makes it easy to switch between garments of different thickness such as T-shirts and hoodies.

Also increasing the ease of use is the fully threadable lower platen. Garments are positioned on the lower platen and can be rotated from front to back and side to side, making it easier to put heat-applied graphics in hard-to-reach places.

The exclusive auto-open, swing-away upper platen provides a heat-free workspace for safer two-hand operation. With the touch screen, the operator can digitally set the time, temperature and pressure. There are dual time settings for two-step applications: preset programs for an energy-saving sleep mode and a production cycle counter.

The Air Fusion stand height is adjustable, making it ergonomic even when used by more than one person.