Growth Spurt

Just two years old, Embroidered Apparel Solutions is already outgrowing its Pittsburgh digs, tripling revenue in that short time – from just under $80,000 in 2013 to nearly $250,000 in sales this year. “Our customers refer to us as the biggest small company they’ve ever seen,” says Kevin Orga, owner of EAS. “For having only two six-heads, we probably turn around as much work as people with 24 heads.”

EAS is poised to move into a new space, 50,000 square feet – one floor of a five-story building in town. The move gives the company room to expand. Orga eventually wants to have around 50 to 60 embroidery heads in his shop. Once EAS reaches that threshold, he says, the company may look into adding screen-printing presses to the mix.

Orga attributes the company’s success to providing quality products with a quick turnaround time – generally three to five days from order to completion. EAS is able to pull off such feats due to its streamlined, efficient work flow and nimble scheduling, Orga says. Where other shops “make a schedule and stick to it, we’re the exact opposite,” he says. “The schedule for tomorrow may be 100% different by the end of the day today.”

Orga isn’t expecting the company to continue to triple in revenue every year, but the industry veteran is confident about the future of EAS. “As long as we keep making steps in that positive direction, we’ll be doing well,” he says.