Embellishment: Patches

Patches and emblems are notable embellishments at the fall/winter 2014/2015 fashion shows, especially in the latest collections from Libertine and Katrantzou. This type of embellishment is front and center partly because embroidery itself is a key trend this season.

Michelle Serrano, marketing coordinator for World Emblem (asi/98264), says the current ways in which patches are implemented into apparel design have been revamped. “Patches don’t necessarily have to be used solely on a uniform or as a focal point on a promotional garment but can be used in many ways in one’s everyday wardrobe,” she says. Patches are also multiplying – one patch just isn’t enough to decorate garments this season. “Over single pieces of apparel, you’ll see winter coats and jackets decorated with various patches,” she says.

For Serrano, it’s more about how patches are featured than about what’s depicted on them: “What makes the current patch trend unique is not the patches themselves, but rather the manner in which modern fashion stylists, designers and apparel decorators are choosing to interpret them.”