Color: Lime

During Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Fashion Week, lime bridged the ever-popular neon/pastel gap in the collections of Armani, Kenzo and Gucci.

“Lime is a color driver that’s approachable, earth-friendly and fresh,” says Laura Symes, Carhartt textile designer for Broberry Mfg. Inc. (asi/42057). “It’s complimented well by monochromatic grays and tans and is used as a great accent color in plaid, print and colorblocking patterns.” Symes says there’s a new customer demand for lime, as they “gravtitate toward lime in all markets, from activewear to workwear and home interiors.” She suggests implementing lime in different ways: “Integrate it as an accent or ‘pop’ color in a plaid or print pattern.”

Michael O’Leary, account executive for McKlein Co. LLC (asi/70053), also loves lime. “Inspiration for fall’s fashion collections has been influenced by nature’s early autumn palette, where prominent, deep hues are beautifully juxtaposed with bright, contrasting colors like lime,” he says. O’Leary likes gray as an ideal partner color: “Lime accessories act as a zesty complement to deep cobalt blue, dark plum red and warm gray.”