Apparel: Leather Jackets

There’s a plethora of leather jackets up for grabs this season. You’ll definitely want to show clients the styles being offered, from cute cropped numbers to romantic knee-length designs, not to mention the variety of leather types available, from suede to lambskin.

“The must-haves are jackets that mix rocker style with street style. Last season, we saw cropped, boxy jackets, which you can now easily add a leather version of to your wardrobe,” says Monika Rene, customer service representative at Bishop, The Garment Co. (asi/40585). She notes the many types of leather making a major hit with consumers: “Leather can be any texture or thickness this season, even distressed or worn in.”

Color, Rene says, is another important attribute. “Colors can be bright or neutral, from red and yellow to the timeless and classic black,” she says. “Biker jackets have always had a point to make with their metal and zips, but this season they’re making waves with color.”