Niche: Holiday Designs

The holidays are all about embellishing.

Lee Romano Sequeira, co-owner of Sparkle Plenty Designs Inc. (asi/88442), says bling is still a top selection for holiday-apparel décor. “Many businesses want to spread a little cheer to their team-building programs, with employee incentives or just to provide a fun gift for everyone to wear at the annual holiday party,” she says. “Bling can make that happen in a very unique way while showing off a company’s lighter side. Once I feel that wonderful Christmas cheer in the air, I turn into a kid again. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a little sparkle?”

Erich Campbell, e-commerce manager for Black Duck Inc. (asi/700415), also discusses the “sparkle” side of decorating but in terms of metallic threads and fabrics. “There’s been a significant resurgence of metallic fabrics on the winter runways that really makes me think of holiday decorations,” he says. “With the increase in metallic materials in our decorating supplies in the last year, I’m betting more of us will be creating shiny looks in the coming months.” In addition to metallics, Campbell includes rich and vibrant colors in the mix. “The holidays are always a season for rich jewel tones and specialty threads,” he says.