Expose Screens 30% Faster

Ryonet’s DIY Print Shop Kit now has a new addition: the first-ever UV Screen Exposure Bulb, specifically designed to expose the kind of emulsion used in screen printing. What makes this bulb unique is the wavelength of light that it emits. Emulsion requires a nanometer measurement of between 360nm to 380nm to expose properly, which is exactly where the new UV bulb sits on the scale.

Previously, Ryonet’s DIY Print Shop Kits included a 500-watt halogen light to be used for screen exposure. While these conventional bulbs work to expose screens given enough time, they’re inefficient and require over 95% more energy than the new bulb takes. With only 25 watts of energy required, screen printers can now expose screens over 30% faster than before, saving both time and money. The new bulbs are also much safer, with a much lower heat output than the halogen lights previously provided.