ASI Promocar Rules the Road

Attendees of the ASI Show Chicago this summer were greeted with something a little bit different by Stitches’ parent company, the Advertising Specialty Institute. The ASI Promocar, a 2002 Mazda decked out in all manner of promotional products, was part of a social media and marketing campaign dubbed “Driving Serious Fun.”

Nine employees spent three days in the ASI warehouse gluing logoed mouse pads, pens, flip-flops and other items to the artcar. When the Promocar was complete – and road-tested at 60 mph to ensure the products were secured – it was ready for the 750-mile drive from ASI headquarters in Trevose, PA, to Chicago.

ASI employees Dawn Shurmaitis and Samantha Phillips made the long trip in one day, giving out gift bags to strangers who gawked at the decorated vehicle. The publicity stunt also garnered the attention of several media outlets along the way, including a write-up in The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. During the long interstate journey, the Promocar suffered only one promotional casualty, losing a single pen along the way, according to Shurmaitis.