Apparel Trends: Neon

Neon numbers are all over the runways: select neon pieces in lemon-lime from Armani; artful, short-sleeved topcoats in scintillating orange and luminescent cobalt from Dior; and neon jackets, dresses and handbags from Kenzo.

“Neon is extremely popular and won’t phase out anytime soon,” says Jamie Henry, product development manager at Boxercraft (asi/41325). “Neon made a comeback with the throwback trends of 1980s-inspired apparel and accessories. You always see bright, bold colors in the dance and cheer world, but this trend has held steady in regular retail apparel and accessories. Neon orange has been a major standout color and will continue to be, as evidenced in recent runway shows.”

Neons project an upbeat, optimistic “energy” and can be an asset in a promotional situation. “When applied to apparel and accessories, neon is vibrant, energizing and youthful,” Henry says. “Consider neon for a promotional campaign where you want to make a bold statement with high impact, especially an event that delivers a high-energy message and involves youth and young adult audiences,” Henry says.