State of the Industry 2015

In this sales growth guide, we present seven hot markets to sell decorated apparel and other imprinted items to guide your company to greater sales success throughout 2015. Plus, from Stitches’ exclusive State of the Industry Report, get a wealth of data, insights, trend analysis and business tactics that will set the future course of the decorated apparel market.


Right now, the decorated-apparel market is all about success, growth and expansion into markets that are buying lots of imprinted wearables for uniform programs, company stores, expanding their marketing efforts and more. In fact, Stitches’ 2015 State of the Industry survey shows that decorators are increasing their revenues and profits by focusing on niche selling.

How are decorators of all sizes – from home-based shops to large contract firms – making business work for them? We talked with top decorators and business experts to find out what tactics help them penetrate the most lucrative markets: associations, education, nonprofits, construction, professional services, hospitality, health-care and retail. From using referrals to offering special decorating services to sending carefully crafted marketing packages to prospects and clients, there are a lot of ways decorators can propel their businesses to greater growth in hot markets today.

In this in-depth report, we reveal seven markets (and one to target in the fourth quarter: retail) that decorators are selling into right now. Plus we take a look at the diferent ways small, medium and large shops are servicing each of these lucrative markets.

With data pulled from the State of the Industry survey to bolster our strategies,what follows is a package of articles designed to help you fast track your business in the year ahead. Click below for the 7 Hot Markets to Penetrate Now.

Association Market  Education Market  Nonprofit Market

Construction Market  Services Market  Hospitality Market

Health-care Market