Niche: Equestrian Market

Like many other markets, the equestrian world especially loves bling, according to Andrew Sequeira, co-owner of Philadelphia-based Sparkle Plenty Designs (asi/88442). “A lot of the marketplace ties into Midwest/Western themes, and bling is part of that,” he says. These clients often request T-shirts, ball caps, hoodies and totes – and lots of custom design requests.

Personalization is huge, says Cindy Eisele of Longview, WA-based Service Surplus & Crafts. She’s often asked to decorate garment bags, blankets, jackets and vests with the name of each recipient, the name of the event when applicable, and more. Also, like the dog market, the horse market can be breed-specific. “There are differences in horses, and customers are very particular about breeds and colors,” Eisele says.

She cautions decorators to be prepared for unusual hooping as well, for items like horse coolers, thick jackets, boot bags, hay bags and garment bags. “I’ve done vinyl heat-pressing of numbers on sweatshirts, direct-to-garment photos on T-shirts, and vinyl and magnetic signs on horse trailers,” she says.

The bottom line? If you want to break into the equestrian market, get ready to customize, personalize and improvise.

This crocheted fly bonnet by Crochet Bonnet features metallic embroidery thread and decorative stones; decorated by Tania Aarhus of Georgetown, TX-based ThreeFold Enterprises (circle 105 on Free Info Card).

Penn Emlem Company’s (asi/77120 ;cirlce 106 on Free Info Card) Custom Embroidered Emblems are machine-embroidered with 100% polyester threads and 100% polyester twill fabric in vibrant colors. Custom-embroidered emblems can be made into any size or shape and have a merrow border for a high-profile edge. These emblems are custom-designed by request.

The Essential Hoodie (V41) with reverse appliqué and coordinating hood lining pairs with the Classic Flannel Pant (F24), screen-printed on the leg, from Boxercraft (asi/41325 ;circle 108 on Free Info Card).

These jackets were decorated for Lindsay Paul, Little Miss Rodeo, Washington State, by Cindy Eisele of Longview, WA-based Service Surplus & Crafts (circle 107 on Free Info Card).

This equestrian-themed rhinestone transfer really pops against a black T-shirt; decorated by Lee Romano Sequeira of Philadelphia-based Sparkle Plenty Designs (asi/88442; circle 109 on Free Info Card).