Hirsch Simplifies Popular Applications


Personalized, traditional styles of embellishment are typically associated with embroidery, monograms and chenille. Now Hirsch International offers user-friendly solutions for creating the look your customers want.

Embroider more easily on large tote bags and luggage with the Tajima Large Bag Auto Clamp. The automatic air-type frame opening enables the operator to change out bags more quickly. One step on the foot pedal opens the clamp, allowing for a new bag to be loaded or to remove a finished embroidered bag. Releasing the foot pedal halfway allows an operator to reposition the bag while having a slightly snug grip on it. Releasing the foot pedal completely locks the frame in place. An air compressor is required to power the air clamp, which is purchased separately.


Hirsch also makes it possible to create monogramed artwork for totes, caps and shirts with ease. Its Pulse Monogram Wizard is one of the useful new tools offered in Tajima DG15 by Pulse digitizing software. It’s designed to simplify the creation of a stylized monogram. The software includes easy-to-use template designs that can be edited and saved for future use. The program prompts the user through available choices so a new design is created step by step.

To create the lush, textured chenille designs for spiritwear, souvenir and fashion markets, try out the Tajima TCMX-601 single-head six-color chenille machine. Its features include automatic tie-offs, frame backward/forward control, automatic trimmers, thread break detection and automatic needle-height adjustment. The easy-to-use control panel makes operation intuitive even for beginners.

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