Artist Turns Tourist Spots Into Textile

Textile designer Teresa Lim shows off an embroidery based on Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay

Singapore textile designer Teresa Lim found a novel way to memorialize her world travels: stitching the sights, rather than taking the typical snapshot. In a series called Sew Wanderlust, Lim whips up hand-embroidered versions of tourist designations like Big Ben and Prague’s Old Town.

Photos of the miniature embroideries held at arm’s length in front of the real thing went viral on the Internet early this year, but the project started after Lim momentarily lost her connection to the online world. She tells CNN that she had reached for her phone to document a beautiful sunset in Perth, Australia, late last year, but found her battery had died. So, she took out some fabric and thread instead. “I had my craft supplies with me, so I thought, ‘Why not try to sew it as a form of photograph?’” Lim says.

So far, Lim has recreated 14 landmarks through needlecraft, each piece taking about two hours to complete. Check out photos of the Sew Wanderlust series on Lim’s website,