Tricky Fabrics Need Special Treatment

Nylon rain ponchos and performance-poly fabrics are great for outdoor sports, but are sensitive materials that present special decorating challenges. Graphic Solutions Group takes on these tough jobs with two new materials.

ThermoFlex Xtra, offered by GSG, is a cutter material developed specifically for use on nylon, leather, rayon and other surfaces where heat is an issue. It features a thick, pressure-sensitive polyester carrier sheet and a low-tack carrier adhesive that allows for easy repositioning, cutting and weeding.

A durable, highly flexible polyurethane-based material, ThermoFlex Xtra is applied at relatively low temperatures (310° to 315°), with a dwell time of three to five seconds, and then cold-peeled, covered with a Teflon sheet and re-pressed for 10 seconds. It also can be used on some silicon-coated materials with sufficient surface texture to permit the adhesive to adhere.

GSG Tech Weave Stabilizer addresses the stretch of performance fabrics that are engineered to be resilient. Tech Weave is made of 50% polyester/50% rayon, and when used on the bias, it stretches with the fabric to reduce the stress on stitching. It features low shrinkage, which decreases puckering and provides a stable foundation that keeps stitches looking sharp and in registration.