Stylish Lettering Made Easy

Pump up your lettering by adding contrast and sparkle. Dalco Athletic offers heat-applied precut lettering with a bit of jazz. The new Slice lettering option achieves a two-color look with Yikes font in contrasting colors on the top and bottom.

Customers can choose from two materials, Dal-Glitter or Dal-Sparkle, and two colors. Dal-Glitter is a sparkling material made of multicolor holographic particles. It comes in black, blue, gold, green, red and silver. Dal-Sparkle is holographic film that comes in blue, gold, green, red and silver.

Finished designs will measure approximately 3” x 10”. The material can be heat-applied to cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends. Your initial order must be 10 pieces and reorders must be five pieces or more.