Showcase: Polo Shirts

The polo continues to be where it’s at. “Polos have a great niche in the apparel world,” says Heather Brunner, marketing manager at Charles River Apparel (asi/44620). “They’re more upscale than T-shirts and less expensive than jackets. Plus, they’re available in a huge spectrum of colors, designs and styles; are easy to decorate; and can convey a casual to dressy look.”

While embroidery is the traditional go-to for polo embellishment, sublimation is getting hotter right now. “This year, we introduced sublimation onto more polos than we have in previous years,” says Jason Neve, marketing/communications coordinator and graphic designer for Boardroom Custom Clothing (asi/40705). “Traditionally, sublimation has been reserved for base layers and layering jackets, but lately we’ve had many customers asking us to sublimate bright, dynamic artwork onto our polo. The result is a polo that really stands out and gets noticed.”

As far as patterns, micro stripes are a new trend. “It breaks up the monotony of your solid polo,” says Kevin Giron of Driving Impressions (asi/50864). “From a distance it looks like it’s heathered or a lighter shade of the color you’re wearing, but up close it has very fine striping that isn’t unflattering the way broad stripes can be.”