Product Pick

Stahls’ ID Direct (asi/88984) released a new printable heat-transfer material – Stahls’ CAD-COLOR SuperTEK Opaque. Designed for sportswear and performance apparel, this lightweight, stretchable material offers garment decorators the ability to create full-color digital images for light and dark garments.

The key technology in Stahls’ SuperTEK Opaque is the STiX2 adhesive. Short for “sticks to anything,” STiX2 adheres to a wide range of materials at a low temperature range of 250° to 300° for superior application to heat-sensitive fabrics. Additional benefits of the adhesive include improved cutting and weeding. SuperTEK Opaque has a quick dry time of 30 minutes or less.

Stahls’ CAD-COLOR SuperTEK Opaque is available by the roll for use with print/cut systems. For more information, visit