Niche: Wedding Apparel and Accessories

For many decorators, personalized wedding apparel and accessories is a lucrative niche. From matching tanks for the bridal party to wear at the bachelorette party, to personalized wedding veils, to monogrammed table runners or cloth napkins to be used at the reception, there are endless possibilities to pitch.

For Carolyn Cagle, owner of Stacy, MN-based Strikke Knits LLC, personalized veils, especially heirloom ones, are a big seller. “Embroidering the edge of an heirloom veil with the wedding date of the original veil owner and then the new bride’s date is a favorite,” says Cagle, who notes that monogrammed veils can then be repurposed by the couple in their new home. “After the wedding, you can turn the veil into napkins, window treatments and table and bedroom adornments.”

Regina Cassidy, owner of Arlington, VA-based It Takes a Stitch Custom Embroidery (asi/604495), recommends pitching personalized bridal-party robes, hoodies or boyfriend shirts. “I’m also seeing grooms request similar items for the men in the wedding party now,” she says. Cassidy points to umbrellas as another add-on item. “Offer the bride a large umbrella in a color that matches her theme and/or invitations and then personalize it,” she says.