Fresh Ways to Engage Customers

As the online landscape grows more crowded, decorators need to get more creative and effective to really engage their prospects and customers. Here are four ways to catch a Web browser’s attention.

1. Get group-oriented. Engaging people online begins with properly targeting your messages. Joining appropriate groups through social media on LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere is one of the swiftest ways to see that your information is getting in front of those with an interest in your message. That’s the approach Glen Messick, president of Los Angeles-based Komet Creations, takes. “Some embroidery groups have up to 5,000 members and if you post on their page, you’ll get comments from members saying, ‘Where can we get this?’ ” Messick says.

2. Appeal to influencers. Beyond targeting online groups, more sophisticated social media marketing involves reaching out to individuals who have an impact on the online conversation. For example, Komet recently introduced a customizable pillow shaped like a cheerleader megaphone. “We connected with cheerleaders and monogrammers on Instagram and we gave a couple of the products out to those who’ll give it exposure,” Messick says.

3. Make content shareable. Instead of maintaining numerous social media profiles, decorators can instead focus on making it easy for their photos, blogs and content to be shared. “You don’t need an active presence on Pinterest or Instagram to leverage those platforms,” says Scott Stratten, president of social marketing consultancy UnMarketing. “You have to allow your products and visuals to be easily shared on those sites.” That means ensuring any content you post includes Pin, Tweet and Like buttons – and that these are updated with new share buttons should a new platform take off.

4. Spotlight customers. Finding ways to spotlight clients’ success stories helps strengthen long-term loyalty, and gives prospects a sense of what you offer. Milton, WA-based Northwest Embroidery includes client profiles on its blog and promotes these through social media. “We interview a client and how they used our product and what others can learn from this example,” says Scott Mickelson, marketing director.