Easier Heat Printing

Minimize downtime with the Hotronix Fusion, which is designed to make heat printing more efficient, since the user can choose between swing-away or draw-style operation.

Designed with 360° open access to the lower platen, the Fusion features the ability to thread a garment onto the press by splitting the bottom of the shirt and sliding it on. This makes it easier to do front and back applications, and reduces the need for pillows and pads to avoid zippers and buttons. The Fusion’s touch-screen display allows the user to set the time, temperature and pressure with the highest degree of accuracy. Additional functions include dual time settings for two-step applications, preset programs, a production cycle counter, choice of fahrenheit or centigrade measurements, and an energy-saving sleep mode.

Quick-change platens available in a variety of sizes increase the versatility of the Fusion, allowing a wide range of products to be decorated. For example, the new Hotronix Fusion Sleeve/Leg Platen is a quick-change heat press accessory for decorating shirt sleeves and pant legs. Specially designed to fit a variety of youth to adult-sized apparel, this 6” x 20” platen makes it possible to quickly load and decorate a garment and swap platens tool-free. Learn more at