Canary Yellow

Brilliant and nearly fluorescent, canary yellow is a literal standout. The latest designs by Ralph Lauren and Prada give this super hue major kudos this season, and you’ll definitely see it gracing accessories, too, such as watches and handbags.

“Canary yellow is on-trend this spring because it’s so fresh and vibrant,” says Monika Rene, customer service representative at Bishop the Garment Co. (asi/40585). Because it’s such an optimistic and intrepid color, Rene says, this shade of yellow is ideal for promotional apparel. “It’s perfect for making a bold and modern fashion statement,” she says. “Yellow is the color of the sun – that’s a powerful image.”

“The yellow fashion obsession will continue,” says Armine Karapetyan, writer for the popular fashion website She says freesia, very similar to canary, will be another significant player this season. “The sizzling freesia yellow tone comes to brighten up wardrobes after winter months,” she says. “This tropical, floral-inspired sunny hue looks so undeniably chic in combination with cayenne red, radiating strength and elegance to the max.”