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My staff and I find ourselves on the road more these days – whether we’re visiting clients or at a trade show. We just invested in smartphones and tablets for our staff, and want to know what apps we should be downloading to keep business moving foward.

Doing business from the road is more and more common these days, and the right applications for your phone or tablet can make this process much easier. Here are a few free application options that can make taking your business out of the office simpler and more efficient.


These apps are great for staying in touch while you’re on the go, especially if you need to share documents, images or data.

Evernote: Evernote is essentially a note-taking app, so you can capture ideas on the go. You can take notes, store video clips, record audio notes and then share them among devices and with other people. That means any staff not in the office can all weigh in on your questions, orders and other shop questions in one central online location. Available for Android and iOS.

LogMeIn: If you’ve ever forgotten an important file on your PC, this app may be the thing that saves your bacon. LogMeIn allows you to access your Mac or PC from your smartphone so you can obtain the information or documents you need quickly and easily. Available for Android and iOS.

Skype: Skype is great for video and audio chatting. It can also be used for instant messaging and texting. It works on computers and tablets and smartphones. Works internationally too. Available for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Cisco WebEx Meetings: If you’re on the road and need to conduct a meeting where you share documents or data, this app is for you. WebEx also allows for two-way video conferencing. Available for Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Social Media and Marketing

You should always maintain your social media presence, especially if you’re traveling or at trade shows. These apps will make it easy for you to update your social media feeds.

HootSuite: If you’re managing social media for your business, and you should be, HootSuite is a mobile app that will let you manage all your accounts in one place. It can manage Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and more. Instead of having multiple apps to manage the different profiles, use one app and see all your feeds in one place. Available for Android and iOS.

WordPress: If you blog, being able to blog from anywhere is key, especially from a trade show. You can write posts, upload photos and manage comments. Available for Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Business Travel

If you travel frequently, these apps will help you keep all of your trip details organized.

TripIt: Remembering all the details of a business trip can get complicated. Hotel reservations, flight times, scheduled meetings and where to pick up the rental car – all these small details can get lost in the shuffle. This app organizes all the details for you and presents you with an easy-to-follow agenda. Available for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

AwardWallet: If you travel a lot, you probably belong to a lot of different rewards programs. AwardWallet consolidates all the information from these different programs in one place, ensuring you’ll never miss a reward you should receive. Available for Android and iOS.


These apps are great for taking payments on-the-go, and to manage financials and accounting.

Square Register: Square is a well-known app that allows you to take credit cards and payments on your phone or tablet. Square Register allows you to collect signatures, sending receipts and issue refunds all from your mobile device. If you visit clients and close deals or exhibit at trade shows where you sell products, this program is definitely for you. Available for Android and iOS. Tracking what’s going out and what’s coming in can be complicated and it’s more complicated when you’re traveling. allows you to track account balances and more. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting: This app provides accounting solutions in the cloud. It’s accounting and financial management solution, allowing business owners to track expenses, bill customers and monitor cash flows. Available for Android and iOS.