Trend Alerts: Plaid

If you thought plaid was yesterday's news, think again. Plaid apparel can be seen on celebrities, on the runways and just about everywhere else, too. "It's a timeless look that never goes out of style," says Bruce Everakes, president of Wolfmark (asi/98085). "Plaid appeals to a wide range of users, from lumberjacks to preppy dressers, to those into grunge. There's really no age limit for plaid apparel." He says many people accent their homes with plaid accessories as well.

Other audiences for the retro-chic design include fraternal heritage groups, uniformed school students and universities – some of which have their own registered plaid patterns. "Plaid is popular because of the many color and stripe combinations," according to Everakes, adding, "The basic 'Spartan' plaids seem to be the most popular because people are familiar with them."

In Everakes' experience, plaid scarves and blankets have been strong sellers because of their versatile unisex appeal. Embroidery is a prevalent decoration method for plaid apparel and accessories. Plaid neckwear, he points out, is often used for uniforms, especially pieces that feature more contemporary designs.

Try the Silk Plaid Tie (PLDS-511-058) from Wolfmark (asi/98085; circle 85 on Free Info Card). It measures a standard length of 58" and is available in four color combinations.

Channel your inner cowboy – or cowgirl – with the Premium Long-Sleeve Plaid Western Shirt (WE-PLAID-BLUEW) from Apparelstar (asi/36539; circle 86 on Free Info Card). Consisting of a 65/35 poly/cotton blend, the snap-front top features two patch pockets with flaps and Western yokes; decorated by Jane Swanzy of Houston-based Swan Marketing LLC (circle 87 on Free Info Card).

Check out this Plaid Front Cap with Mesh Back (PT-109M) from Outdoor Cap Co. (asi/75420; circle 88 on Free Info Card). It contains six panels and a plastic snap closure; one size fits most; decorated by Howard Potter of Utica, NY-based A&P Master Images (asi/702505; circle 89 on Free Info Card).

Measuring 10" x 72" with a 3" rope fringe, the Plaid Wakefield Muffler (BMUF-1901-P) from Wolfmark (asi/98085; circle 85 on Free Info Card) is part of the supplier's plaid bamboo unisex scarf collection.


A model sporting understated but stylish plaid pants uses the design to coordinate the colors in her outfit and add a fresh pop to the ensemble. She walked the runway in New York at the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show during New York Fashion Week.