Shop’s Showroom a Partnership With Suppliers

San Bernardino, CA-based 3Ring Creative (asi/100257) is trying something new with its showroom, giving suppliers designated areas to display their best products, sale items or anything else they want to feature. Rather than the typical setup where customers browse from hefty catalogs and look at a few basic samples, 3Ring is allocating about 10 feet of wall space each for suppliers to stock as they see fit, says Steve Meads, art director. “I’m trying to get people better quality and a wider spectrum of products,” he says. “There’s a lot of stuff that these companies offer that no one knows about. … We’re trying to sell all of their products, instead of just your basic tees.”

He adds that most customers won’t understand what a tri-blend shirt or burnout top is from a picture and short description; they need to be able to see and feel them to be sold on their benefits. “I want the coaches that we deal with to see something in the shop and realize that they need that item for their team,” Meads says.

Meads says that several suppliers were excited to participate in the new setup, which 3Ring launched at the beginning of the year. Besides offering apparel suppliers dedicated showroom space, 3Ring is ceding valuable storefront square footage to them as well.

Meads says his team will wrap the shop’s windows with logos or other branding images provided by suppliers. He believes the exposure will be good for both his shop and his suppliers, and potential clients will see brand variety.

“We’re located right on a new major bridge construction that is set to get 1 million cars per week,” he says.