New Ink System Offers Countless Effects

Take your design capabilities to a new level with Infinite FX special effects inks from Graphic Solutions Group (GSG). This new program incorporating only a few special bases lets you create a range of looks, textures and effects.

Bases can be used individually or in combination, or mixed with pigments, glitters, shimmers or other additives for a host of effects. Brittle, cork, fashion soft, suede, plush, rock and non-phthalate plastisol puff are among the key bases in the program.

Two clear formulations also are offered: one to give the appearance of glass, gel or water, and one for high-definition graphics. There's even a base for sculpture-like effects designed to help control fine detail in high-density graphics.

Bases can be layered or intermixed in various combinations and ratios to create new specialty bases. The characteristics of individual bases enhance the effects of other bases when combined, enabling you to create your own unique library of special-effect offerings and a custom specialty print portfolio for your customers.