Five Steps: Create Smooth Embroidery on Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Create Smooth Embroidery on Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Embroider on moisture-wicking materials with minimal puckering and pulling. Graphic Solutions Group embroidery expert Liz Beavers shows you how.

  1. Choose backings that work with the fabric. Select a cutaway performance backing (GSG part #AMNCFAB-7725) that reduces puckering by only stretching from corner to corner. In addition, use two sheets of a tearaway waffle fire-retardant backing (GSG part #COTS200-77), which has perforated holes, leaving it neat and clean with no fuzz, once removed.
  2. Use a smaller needle size. Most shops use a 75/11 ballpoint needle for stretchy fabric. Go one size down to a 70/10 ballpoint (GSG part #AMNGB-10FFG) for thinner moisture-management fabrics.
  3. Place backings. Lay two pieces of fire-retardant backing, and then one piece of performance backing in the hoop.
  4. Slip the performance polo over the hoop. Make it easy to position the garment by using a HoopMaster from Midwest Products Inc. that keeps embroidery straight. Position the hoop in your embroidery machine and embroider the design.
  5. Remove the backings. Begin with the fire-retardant tearaway, which peels off, and then the performance backing that snips away with scissors.

Tip: Check out the free video at to learn more about master sewing on moisture-management fabrics.