Product Picks

Check out the new Tajima TUMX-C, a single-head machine that makes it possible to embroider larger apparel and promotional merchandise, which doesn’t fit under the needle of a traditional compact embroidery machine. The area on either side of the sewing head has been opened up to enhance the use of a larger hoop or frame. There’s also space underneath the frame to allow an oversize jacket, blanket or large duffel bag to hang down out of the way while embroidering. You can view the sewing area from all angles.

Unique to the TUMX-C is a smaller needle plate that allows for embroidering in hard-to-access areas such as small pockets and gloves, as well as higher up on finished caps. With the same dimensions as the Neo Plus, it’s ideal for fitting in smaller spaces. The dimensions are 30” long x 30” wide x 38” high; the sewing field measures 14” x 19.5”. The sewing speed is 1,200 stitches per minute, and it features a 2-million stitch memory. Tajima’s Windows CE operating system and LCD color monitor are included.