New Embroidery-Laser Combo

Streamline decoration with the new Proel TSI E-Laser 1200 series from BITO. This combination single-head laser and embroidery machine integrates the capabilities of a laser bridge with the process of cutting and embroidery in one operation. The sewing/cutting field is 400mm high by 520mm wide.

This 12-needle machine, which sews up to 1,200 stitches per minute, lets decorators do multi-layer appliqué, as well as cut natural, dense and synthetic fabrics, such as canvas and suede. This series, which comes in 30 and 50 watts, is more powerful than traditional 10-watt single-head lasers.

The E-Laser 1200 series offers decorators the ability to do headwear. The integration of the laser with the embroidery machine has resulted in closer tolerances than are possible with a single-head laser attached to an existing embroidery machine. Here, the laser is located in the same place as the needle.

In addition, the E-Laser 1200, which is controlled by software that uses 1mm digitized outlines, is safer for operators due to a shield that’s part of the embroidery head design.