Lean and Streamlined

Many companies that rose from the recession analyzed their operations and discovered efficient and cost-effective ways to run without sacrificing service. This proved to be the case at Heritage Screen Printing (asi/700490), a Warminster, PA-based contract shop that implemented “lean operation” practices – practices that continue to serve the business well today. “I’ve been rewired to look for ways to increase efficiency throughout my shop every day,” says Owner Steven McKee.

Beyond negotiating more favorable rates with vendors and service providers that continue to benefit Heritage, McKee spearheaded efforts to maximize his team’s ability to output top-quality product without incurring excess cost.

The shop, for example, identified snag points in the job flow and changed them, an initiative that included upgrading the order-entry process and creating a checklist that ensures production crews always have the information they need to complete an order. McKee and his team also started analyzing how much jobs cost to produce, helping the shop charge appropriately to ensure profit. Additionally, staffers were trained to work in different departments as needed, thus reducing spending on temporary employees and new hires in the short and long term. McKee is proud to say he never laid anyone off. “We’ve expanded throughout the last six years,” he says, “by promoting from within and being as efficient as possible.”