Grandma’s Quilt Is Updated

Old meets new in Libs Elliott’s quilt designs. The Canadian textile artist uses the computer programming language Processing to randomly generate compositions from simple geometric and traditional quilt block shapes, manipulating the results until she’s satisfied with the design. She then cuts and pieces the fabric by hand and machine-quilts the results.

“I explore how modern technology can transform a traditional and tactile craft into modern functional art without abandoning the inherent pleasures of lovingly handcrafted products,” Elliott writes on her website, “It’s the idea of transforming intangible strings of letters and numbers into something warm and luxurious that really appeals to me.”

Elliott studied material art and design at OCAD University in Canada. She began exploring computer-aided quilt design in 2012 in collaboration with designer and technologist Joshua Davis, who provided Elliott with the original code framework for her designs.

Elliott draws inspiration from architecture, modern design and the history of women in textiles. She finds color inspiration in nature and street art: “I love graffiti and the way it changes and layers over time.” She has completed commissions for individuals and corporate clients, and has exhibited her work and spoken about her process internationally.