Create a Laser Tech Patch


Prepare the art.

An artist determines the best size, shape and layout for your laser tech patch, dictated mostly by the placement on the garment, taking into account any small lettering or details when sizing (no finer than 0.3 mm). Elements of the design can’t be so thin that the laser doesn’t etch the tech patch clearly enough. Then, the art is created in outline form and exported for digitizing.



A digitizer creates a laser fill that will etch the design on the patch. A tack-down stitch is punched and added near the design’s outer edge. Finally, a step to laser-cut the patch shape is added. The digitized files are exported to the server for machine use.


Prep the garment.

Hoop and prep each garment for production on the laser machine.


Prep the machines.

The laser and embroidery machines are loaded with the digitized files. The garments are loaded on the embroidery machine. The laser tech patch material is placed loosely on top of the garment within the hooped area.


Produce the logo.

The tack-down stitch adheres the patch material to the garment. The laser passes over each embroidery head to etch the logo design and cut the shape of the patch. Excess material is peeled away and the garments are ready for pressing.

Tip: Tech patches can serve as a primary mark on the left chest or front hip, as well as a secondary branding option on a sleeve or back yoke. They look great on bonded jackets, performance fleece, sporty pullovers and caps.