The Latest in Monogramming & Lettering Software Packages

Bernette Embroidery Software Customizer

BERNINA of America, Aurora, IL; (630) 978-2500;

Cost: $249 MSRP

What it is: bernette Embroidery Software Customizer makes it easy to create personalized designs by combining lettering, monogram frames and appliqué. Embroidery designs can further be customized with color and thread preferences and lettering with unique fill stitches.

What’s new: Compatible with bernette’s Chicago 7 and Deco 340 embroidery machines, as well as any embroidery machine brand.

Key features:

  • 78 embroidery designs, 24 appliqué designs and four monogramming frames
  • Lettering created with Windows TrueType fonts can be sized from less than a ¼” to more than 2”
  • 30 fill stitch options and auto underlay stitching for enhanced lettering
  • Options to scale, rotate, mirror and combine designs with lettering to create a personal monogram
  • Users can add their own hoop sizes
  • Slow-redraw function allows preview of stitching sequence
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8
  • Designs can be opened and saved in multiple formats, including ART 70 and EXP
  • Designs are created on the computer and transferred to the embroidery machine via a USB stick.

Buyer’s note: bernette Embroidery Software Customizer is an option for first-time and budget-conscious embroidery enthusiasts.

E-Fect Promotion

DecoDynamix, Durban, South Africa; (27) 82-3444068;

Cost: Contact vendor for pricing.

What it is: Wilcom Keyboard Fonts (ESA) are add-on software packs for users of Wilcom Embroidery Software. ESA fonts are pre-digitized with enhanced manipulation capability to create the most powerful keyboard layouts possible in your software. These are lifetime software assets that will remain with each upgrade, and keyboard fonts never expire or become obsolete in your software. Download the free BallantineScript ESA to test and compare, as well as additional free font and design data.

What’s new:

  • High-quality personalization, corporate and monogram styles
  • Large-text format styles and large format monogram styles with auto download on all font packs.

Key features:

  • Lossless resizing within a larger range than any machine file
  • Enhanced manipulation capability within the software
  • Instant layout capability with team names, monograms and closest-point connection styles.

Embroidery Express Sew Files

Stahls’ (asi/88984), St. Clair Shores, MI; (800) 478-2457;

Cost: $24 for Any Word. Any Way. appliqué; $36 for a split-front appliqué; $45 for a custom appliqué; $129 for the CD collection.

What it is: Embroidery Express Sew Files are available for Custom Cut appliqués or appliqués created through Stahls’ Any Word. Any Way. online lettering designer. They’re available for an individual appliqué order or as a collection of CDs, which contains the sew files for specialty numbers, auto stitch and appliqué shapes.

What’s new: Available for a growing line of appliqué products.

Key features:

  • Elimination of unnecessary stitches, an exclusive feature that eliminates background stitches where appliqué pieces overlap for a smooth finish
  • Precision stitching calculated to overlap the appliqué design exactly
  • Mitered corners for ease of sewing and a finished look.


StockStitch 6.2

Dalco Athletic, Dallas; (800) 288-3252;

Cost: Contact vendor for pricing.

What it is: StockStitch is a Windows-based program designed for automated sewing of stock letters, numbers and appliqué shapes. Stock Stitch is a standalone program and doesn’t require editing or merging.

What’s new:

  • Users can sew six sublimated twill number fonts in one, two and three colors
  • Number fonts include Pro Team, Dagger, Shock, Team Shadow, Digital Camo and Camo
  • Newest version is compatible with Windows 8; StockStitch is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Key features:

  • More than 40 fonts, as well as banners, ribbons, states and more
  • Can be used with any of the most popular materials offered by Dalco, including twill; designer fabrics like polka dots; pebble grain, which simulates the look of a basketball or football; and Dal-Chenille, a material that looks like real chenille but is much faster to use
  • User can select multiple sizes of each font and multiple stitch types (bean, satin, zigzag), and control the stitch width and density
  • Users with digitizing or editing software can add embroidery drop-ins to appliqué created in StockStitch. Once the design is created in StockStitch, users can order precut, ready-to-sew pieces from Dalco.

Buyer’s note: This software is specifically designed for appliqué, so it’s ideal for shops that focus on team uniforms, spiritwear or fashion appliqué. This package doesn’t require additional digitizing software. All component parts are precut to fit the StockStitch predigitized program.

Tajima DG15 by Pulse

Pulse Microsystems Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario; (905) 821-8300;

Cost: Contact vendor for pricing. In the U.S., contact Hirsch International,

What it is: DG15 is software for embroidery lettering, monogramming, digitizing, laser, sequins, chenille, appliqué, rhinestones and more. It includes brand-new access to PulseCloud, which allows users to view and edit up to 100,000 designs in the cloud.

What’s new:

  • Create personalized monograms with the Monogram Wizard
  • Machine integration features
  • Powerful 64-bit processing.

Key features:

  • PulseCloud allows users to edit designs from any mobile device and share on social media
  • Monitor machine status from home or the road with PulseCloud
  • Send messages to machine operators on the controller from within the design
  • Built-in DrawFusion feature for instant conversion of CorelDRAW artwork into stitches
  • Over 170 standard fonts including those designed specifically for small lettering.

Buyer’s note: DG15 is best suited for commercial embroidery businesses. Specialty options like sequins, chenille, rhinestones and laser enhance a user’s embroidery and provide an additional avenue for profitability.

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