Save 40,000,000 Stitches

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Increase your capacity to save designs and improve efficiency with Tajima’s TMAR-KC embroidery machine from Hirsch International. Its touch-screen control panel sets it apart from other equipment, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for newcomers to learn how to operate the machine while reducing operator error and confusion.

In addition with this high-tech control panel, the operator can view a design as its sewing and do manual color changes and thread trims. Its memory holds more than average with the capacity to save 40,000,000 stitches, which equals approximately 650 designs.

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Tip: Keep fabric pieces from folding over and getting caught under the needle. Use Floriani Commercial’s Embroidery Perfection Tape. It assists by holding back most fabrics without leaving residue on the hoop, machine or fabric.


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Tip: Expand the placement options you can offer customers when heat pressing. Use Hotronix sleeve and pant leg heat-press platen, compatible with all models of Hotronix Fusion heat presses. View a short video demonstrating how to decorate sleeves and pant legs of apparel quickly and easily with this optional heat press platen. Go to and select “Educational Videos” under the “Learn About Heat Presses” tab.


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Tip: Increase customer satisfaction by adding PayPal to checkout. Those with an InkSoft Web store can add PayPal to their checkout options. InkSoft makes it easy to add both PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Pro to your Web store. Contact the InkSoft support team at (800) 410-3048, ext. 1.