Go Glam With Glitz

Dalco Athletic; Circle 80 on Free Info Card or call (800) 288-3252.

Looking for bling with a twist? Dalco now offers a unique appliqué material called Jackpot Glitz, made of black 92% polyester/8% spandex. The “glitz” comes from a pattern of alternating half-moon crescents made of a reflective silver material. These crescents catch and reflect back light to create a shimmering effect when moved.

It’s a great choice for markets that love bling such as cheerleading, dance, skating, gymnastics, spiritwear and women’s fashion. This material comes in rolls, precut in any stock shape or letter, or custom-cut to your specifications. It has a heat-seal adhesive backing, making it easy to tack in place before sewing to ensure it stays in place.